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Corporate Yoga

About Yoga for Corporate Yoga

Corporate yoga is an art of freeing a corporate man so that he can feel motivated, composed and can lead a healthy life. Corporate yoga is of extreme importance as this program focuses on relieving stress while restoring the strength and flexibility that the body inevitably loses while sitting at the desk all day.
There are various benefits when it comes to corporate yoga, such as.

1. This program is designed to awaken the inbuilt latent power.
2. Relieves stress and makes the body flexible
3. Improves in work efficiency
4. Reduces health budget
5. Increases motivation at work
6. Controls absenteeism at work.

Besides all these benefits, a person needs to be extremely patient and composed while practising yoga, because the efforts are shown in due course of time. Adding on, people who practise yoga have found that 30 minutes of yoga can do wonders to ease stress, reduce emotional imbalance and depression. It can also provide or boost one’s level of energy and help to strengthen the immune system. These results are extremely essential to the over stressed individuals. There are several corporate houses all over the capital and the NCR region.
For instance, corporate yoga Gurgaon and corporate yoga Delhi are one of the most prominent ones that offer each of their visitors a comprehensive way to nourish their respective lives. As a wellness expert, these centres make sure that the life of every individual who makes an effort to join corporate yoga is transformed completely. Apart from corporate yoga in Delhi and Gurgaon, there are yoga houses in Noida known as corporate yoga Noida and are essentially the best ones provided with the best of the trainers.
Thus, it has been hence proved that yoga is extremely essential for the human body, because somewhere it makes an individual stress free and helps him to lead a happy life.
The means to achievement for any company begins with a fit, healthy, creative and active workers. Offering yoga in the workplace gives your employees the chance to exercise their bodies and minds during the workday thus growing incentive, output and all-purpose healthy being.

We have conducted more than 50 workshops in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR. on work life balance, team building, resourceful thinking, yoga and stress management for a range of organizations.

An growing number of companies are discovering that office yoga is helpful in many ways, including reduced stress levels and improved employee helpfulness, both of which are established to result in a more helpful and productive workforce.

Stress and bad thoughts towards your place of work is the main reason for employees taking leave, estimate companies millions each year.

• Free booking consultation and support, to ensure your classes    honor and exceed your requirements.
• Personalised, developmental classes.
• Qualified and experienced yoga instructors.
• Flexible scheduling and booking options.
• Practice from the comfort of your office, saving on travel time.


  1. Team morale, motivation & communication
  2. Making the place of work an enjoyable environment
  3. Boosting the immune system
  4. Neck, back & shoulder pain
  5. Bad posture and circulation
  6. High blood pressure and asthma
  7. Anxiety and depression
  8. Stress and pain relief - back, neck and shoulder pain
  9. Increased energy levels - improving mood and stamina
  10. Enhanced creativity and maximum productivity
  11. Increases physical fitness and flexibility
  12. Improves concentration skills
  13. Self discipline
  14. Relieves tension
  15. Improves overall health and posture
  16. Improves concentration, memory and focus
  17. Creates a positive attitude and increases team bonding
  18. Creates a sense of harmony in the workplace
  19. Reduces excessive absenteeism of employees
  20. Reduced risk for diseases, including cancer
  21. Reduced staff turnover
  22. More respect for senior management of companies

A corporate fitness programs have many underlying benefits for you as an employee itself – from reduced sick leaves to improved stamina and efficiency levels while at work. yoga is to effectively teach the person techniques for achieving inner peace, wellness and happiness.Yoga's exercise, breathing and meditation techniques can be customized to treat a number of illnesses, including insomnia, depression, stress, anxiety, fibromyalgia, migraine headaches and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  Surender Choudhary